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Fame & Fortune

January 31, 2012

All fame and fortune means nothing if you don’t have your health! It means nothing if you end up alone and abandon! So are you just focusing on being successful and rich or are you focusing on being healthy and loved?!

Who doesn’t want to hit triumph, right? But what are we willing to sacrifice? Who and what are you ready to give up on? Scary to think about, isn’t? But I’ve seen people being selfish enough and have sacrificed more then they know just to have fame, for those I feel sad, one day they will wake and the bubble will burst, the safety-net will not exist anymore, to those I only have to say “Good Luck”, ’cause all the money and success in the world wont buy you what you really want!

For those who have “everything” in life, such as fortune and great love, I congratulated for having all the winningcards! For those I smile and Im happy for their triumphal.

After alot of travelling I have comed to realized that “success in life” is not the same for everybody, for some it’s all about the carriers, money, status…. and for others it’s all about family, love, health, happiness!

What’s your “success in life” ?


Let go…. Just let go!

January 29, 2012

Isn’t funny that life takes you where you suppose to be when you think you’re going the wrong direction?

It wasn’t long ago I felt I was standing at the world’s largest crossroad, with a million questions in my back-pack… and clueless about my next step. The emotions were overloaded…

So instead of take a step forward, I took a step back, so I was able to view the choices, both the ones I had made and those I was about to make. I decided to just LET GO of everything, my feelings, my plans, my emotions, just let go of everything that crossed my mind…. Yes just let go and let life just happen to me! THAT was the best decision I have ever made at this point… and I’m proud of it everyday!

I for once took the time and just listened to ME, to my heart, my head and that little little voice of conscious! I let go of every ” I must” , every “I have to” and every “I should”… Yes I stopped putting everybody else first and put MYSELF in the number ONE-spot.

Now I know how important that is, to have yourself in the number one-position without being selfish of course, because this I have learned in all my years : Before you can help anyboby else, you need first to help yourself! And by doing just that I’m able to give more to the world and that feeling is amazing.

And remember this: You always have a choice!!!


If it makes you happy…

January 28, 2012

What makes you happy? Maybe it’s a special someone? Or maybe a pet or a thing? Or maybe an event..? Whoever or whatever it is, doesn’t feel good knowing something can just make your day better?

Yes, the feeling is wonderful and so worth waiting for!

If you have found it, if you have it, hold on to it, because if it makes you happy… and I mean real happiness, drama-free-happiness, it’s worth your while!



Just the right timing…

January 26, 2012

Do you ever sit and wonder how and why your life is exactly how it is? Of course you do! Everybody does I think.. What I have realized is that life just happens… Yes, it just happens, no matter how hard you work on your planning, it just happens… We can’t control everything… Somethings we want now may come to us later on … ¬†or maybe never….

I think everything has it’s timing! Everything and Everyone…. Do you think?


Bounce baby Bounce

January 26, 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to have found a family in my work! Been blessed to have been working with my friends and one of Sweden’s biggest dancecompanies, called Bounce Streetdance Company. I started out as a nanny to my friend’s babygirl, contiuned as an assistent at Bounce’s filmprojects and later on I’ve got the position as the wardrobe and props-responsible. This journey has been amazing and lasted about 6-7 years and has taken me to many places around the globe!

Bounce did their last production as a group in the year 2010, where they performed their outstanding show “The Last Bounce” in a of Sweden’s biggest arenas, The Ericson Globe. 5 sold-out show took place, which means 55 000 people came to see them dance, now THAT is incredible and now words could really explain it.

It was a wonderful feeling and experience … One of the most fun jobs I’ve done!

Here’s the first part of my “backstage”-movie, everything is filmed with my little pocket-camera…






January 25, 2012

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves some egoboost! Yes indeed! Today I felt so special and lovely, we all should feel like that, so take your time and give yourself a high-five for the best version of you…. and that is YOU!

Love yourself!



January 24, 2012

I believe in karma so strongly! I’m a believer in “you get what you give”… always! So don’t ever believe that if you hurt people that THAT hurt wont come back to you… It might not come back in the same form, but it always comes back… Believe that!

I’ve seen it with my own eyes, karma is good to you when you are good to others… and yes, karma’s malice only reflects on your evilness towards others!

What I find “funny” or maybe “intresting” is to look at those people that preach about goodness but are themselves mischievous, don’t know if they konw or if maybe they’ve never really experience pure goodness.

All I know is this:

I will continue to be a good person, no matter how many times I’ve been hurt… I’m choosing to stay good because what I will gain is love, pure, sweet love and realness… and what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!!!