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March 31, 2012

Started off this Saturday with a brunch with live Jazz-band and great yummy food in one of Stockholm’s finest places, Mosebacke. I really like that place, at all times…. Been having lots of fun there… both in daytime and nighttime!

Recommended if you are in Sweden…

Don’t forget, today is THE TODAY to buy some extra candles and make it cozy, tonight is EARTH HOUR 8.30pm – 9.30pm , turn off your lights! It’s only for an hour and everybody who’s at home and has lights can do this…

Catch you later with a photo-post, have a great weekend and take care!


The Globe and I

March 30, 2012

Was just sitting here, looking at some of my pictures, going down happy memorylane, so I’m posting some of those memories to share with you all…

I’m so thankful of all the places around the globe I was lucky to visit and I want to visit more places! Here are some….

Me and babygirl Aaliyah in Tokyo, Japan

Enjoying some good sushi in Pasadena, LA, USA

Fun times in Stockholm, Sweden

Walking on the beach, somewhere Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach, LA, USA

Bowling and celebrating Letitia’s birthday with the crew in London, UK

Sightseeing on my way to work in Cardiff, Wales

More pictures are coming up…. stay tuned =)



Dreaming of a better world

March 29, 2012

With today’s financial crisis I’m sitting here thinking how the world would look like if it wasn’t depend on MONEY???

Would we still have wars? …. starvation? …. statusladder? Or would we all share the oil and would we all have food on the table?

I know all wars are not about money and oil…. some are based on religion…. but don’t we all believe in “something” that makes us feel better? Why is your belief and faith more important than mine? Why is your belief and faith stronger than mine? Who has the right to tell us what to believe in? Don’t WE own that right ourselves?

Why do we have starvation? Should all human beings have a everyday-meal? Water? Clothes?

How come we have a financial crisis? Where did the money go?

When will the world become a great place to live in for EVERYBODY? When will WE stop destroy our planet EARTH?

Well, ask the questions are many, but we all should start thinking about them, it is our FUTURE!!! It might sound naive but it’s true, it all starts with ONE person, ONE positive thought, and we can make it, we can make the change, we can become better…


Live at Berns, Sthlm

March 29, 2012

Singer/Songwriter Brian McKnight visit Stockholm, Sweden in December 2010… This was my second McKnight-concert, and yes he was as good as I remember him… And YES, he sung one of my absolute favorite song in this lifetime – “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross…


True beauty

March 29, 2012

Yes, Greece is in a large financial crisis but let’s not forget how beautiful she is… Breathtaking!



March 28, 2012

Working out is not a joke, but it sure is fun… afterwards =)

Last year I was working out with a hardcore group, called Body by LUWA and let me just say, THAT WORKOUT WASN’T A JOKE!!!! It was hardcore from the beginning til finish-line!

Thank you to Karin, Mattias and everybody on that group for the experience 


Someone special…. Book 1

March 28, 2012

Right now I’m reading a book by Sheila O’Flanagan – Someone special might be closer than you think

The story is about the the Irish girl Romy Kilkenny and her family. Romy is an archeologist and lives in Australia. After a phonecall from her half-brother, she returns to Ireland to help her mother… and of course she gets pulled in in the middle of everyone’s problems… All she wants and longs for is to get back to Australia and to Keith, her best friend…

I’m on the eighth chapter and it’s a cute book….

The english version 

Swedish version – called SYSKONKÄRLEK