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Let’s re-visit!

September 6, 2012

I was looked through my photos on Facebook and when down memorylane in San Francisco…. Want to re-visit this beautiful city again and take my time to enjoy it…. One day San Fran, I’ll be there!



15 years ago today….

August 31, 2012

Where did the years ago? I ask myself that question every year on this day, 31st of August.

This day, today, for 15 years ago, I lost my father, he past away very quickly and every year I think it’s gonna get easier, but my heart misses him more and more for every year that passes. I don’t think it gets easier, I think we just learn to live with it.
So today is a heavy day, but I’m thankful for being blessed with such¬† a great father… Thank you for everything…




August 30, 2012

Oh yes, it’s a throwback!!! If I remember correctly, this was back in 2007, and as you can see I’m a bit sweaty! hahaha I has rehearsing with a swedish artist, for her video… Long hours but lots and lots of fun!!! I miss that so much!¬†



August 23, 2012

My first time in Los Angeles, in 2003… WOW, feels and looks like it was yesterday! Good times!


…. one day in Hong Kong

July 24, 2012

In 2010 I was working in the amazing, high tempo yet mellow Hong Kong… it was an undescribable experience!!! Me and the rest of the team got invited to a boattrip, even though Hong Kong is surrounded by “fogginess”, being in the middle of the ocean was so beautiful…




July 23, 2012

One day I would love to go back to San Francisco and visit high maximum security prison Alcatraz…


Instagram of the Day

July 12, 2012

This was a year ago… in small town Vacaville, CA… I love frozen yoghurt!!!