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Happy Bday!

July 2, 2012

Yesterday, my good friend Ambra had her birthday…. to Ambra is family and we have been there for each other, trough the good times and not so good times… I just want to wish her a Happy B-day …. again! =)

Here we are, acting silly at Disney Store in New York City… 2008!!!



June 30, 2012

Instagram is down for the moment, but here my Instagram of the day….

Me and my close friend Ambra, hiking @ Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles…. back in 2009, great times!


I see you in Sweden!!!

May 27, 2012

I’m soooooooo proud of my sweet friend Ambra Succi and her dreamteam – LOREEN and Aus, who won the Eurovision-contest!!!

Sweden rock the house last night!!!!!!! Loreen deserved the title and I’m glad the rest of Europe saw it too…. BIG congrats!!!!

Aus, Loreen, Ambra




May 25, 2012

Loreen’s amazing performance of yesterday’s semifinals 2 to Eurovision.

My sweet friend and amazing dancer, choreographer and outstanding person Ambra Succi choreographed this beautiful routine, danced by King Aus…

Now, let’s win it!



Eurovision 2012

May 24, 2012
Big congrats to Loreen and my sweet friend Ambra Succi and Aus Jordan for making it to the Eurovision-finals!!!!

Instagram, I heart U

May 21, 2012

With Ambra at the audition… helping young dancers reach their goals!

Kiss me Bieber!!!!

In O.C. (CAlifornia), loved this beautiful place!


Happy camper at Starbucks!

At the concert with miss Freshest!

The DiAmbra guestwall … Love dance


The Globe and I

March 30, 2012

Was just sitting here, looking at some of my pictures, going down happy memorylane, so I’m posting some of those memories to share with you all…

I’m so thankful of all the places around the globe I was lucky to visit and I want to visit more places! Here are some….

Me and babygirl Aaliyah in Tokyo, Japan

Enjoying some good sushi in Pasadena, LA, USA

Fun times in Stockholm, Sweden

Walking on the beach, somewhere Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach, LA, USA

Bowling and celebrating Letitia’s birthday with the crew in London, UK

Sightseeing on my way to work in Cardiff, Wales

More pictures are coming up…. stay tuned =)