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September 11, 2012

Almost everytime I go to Starbucks, they have a hard time spelling my name right, even though i spell it out to them… This guy got it right, but then he wrote a questionmark…. OK? Why mr Starbucksman?


I & iPhone

March 27, 2012

Me and my iPhone have a relationship… We’ve been here and there… 

Here’s some iPhone-photography-art

Starbucks iced coffee, finally they spelled my name right!!!!!

Late lunch in Hollywood…

One of my favorite waters and the bottle is so cute!

The sun goes down at Hollywood Blvd…

One day I will be a guest, but this time I was in the audience…


Los Angeles in the year 2010

January 23, 2012

Los Angeles is definitely one of my favorite spots, been there many times and it kinda feels like home… second home… LOVE IT!

This video is from my L.A./California- trip in the year 2010. The song ” Heart of Mine” is by my good friend Paula Lobos, who was with me on this crazy trip …. Enjoy!


On my way

January 21, 2012

In 2009 I was working in London for 4 weeks with Bounce and their show “Insane In the Brain”, 6days a week, hotel, venue, venue, hotel, well, alomost like that…. and always Starbucks!!!

Anyhow I made a walking video on my way from the hotel in Trafalgar Square to the Peacock Theatre on Kingsway….