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Quoting myself…

October 12, 2012

Somewhere I lost my way, like any other human on this planet,
but slowly I’m finding my way back to where I belong…
Never stop fighting for your dreams, someday they become reality…

– Sini Siambalis 2012, 12 October


Jesus Christ Superstar!

September 12, 2012

Tonight I’m going to the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Swedish version) with swedish artist Ola Salo on lead…

It’s sold out for the season…




Retro me!

September 6, 2012

I SOOOOOO WANT ONE OF THESE!!! I remember having one of these telephones while growing up, yesterday I saw them in a store and I so want want one and I’m thinking of buying it! Love the retro-feeling!




August 24, 2012

Goodmorning everyone, can you believe it’s FRIDAY already???

This week has been crazy, well it’s still is ’cause the week is not over yet, lots to do today before I take the weekend off… I hope you all are having a great week with new lessons, new adventures and all you can dream of ….

Catch you later! Stay blessed


All work and All play

August 20, 2012

Right now I’m working on some new photos, snapshots I took on Swedish singer Agnes (Carlsson)… She is beyond beautiful, such a natural beauty and so talented singer… For those who’s visitng my blog for the first time, I’m a photographer, visit my website and check out my art:

Here’s Agnes video “Release Me”…some of my friends are dancing in the video




Instagram of the Day

August 1, 2012

Just me


New piece of art

July 29, 2012

Here’s a my newest piece of photography, called “TIVOLI”