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Point of view…

April 17, 2012

I saw this t-shirt in a store in Venice Beach, California…. Love the text!


Free Fallin’

April 13, 2012

Im free fallin’ somewhere between Venice Beach and Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA


The Globe and I

March 30, 2012

Was just sitting here, looking at some of my pictures, going down happy memorylane, so I’m posting some of those memories to share with you all…

I’m so thankful of all the places around the globe I was lucky to visit and I want to visit more places! Here are some….

Me and babygirl Aaliyah in Tokyo, Japan

Enjoying some good sushi in Pasadena, LA, USA

Fun times in Stockholm, Sweden

Walking on the beach, somewhere Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach, LA, USA

Bowling and celebrating Letitia’s birthday with the crew in London, UK

Sightseeing on my way to work in Cardiff, Wales

More pictures are coming up…. stay tuned =)